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Welcome to our RAC Breakdown page at Best Breakdown Cover.

RAC Breakdown Cover is generally well regarded, and below we give some reasons to choose RAC as your breakdown recovery service.

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RAC AA Breakdown Cover 

Breakdown cover from just £29.99 (when you buy vehicle based Roadside only cover).
RAC have been rated the No.1 UK brand for services
in the UK Customer Satisfaction Index, January 2010 by Institute of Customer Service.

RAC has around 2,000 patrols* - more patrols per member than any other rescue organization**
*Source: RAC Measurement and Insight – Feb 2010
**Source: Mintel UK Recovery Services November 2008. Based on service providers using their own dedicated patrol force.

RAC provides assistance to almost 2.6 million breakdowns a year     
Source: RAC Measurement and Insight, Feb 2010.  

Every 7 seconds someone, somewhere calls RAC Breakdown
Source: Based on 4.34 million calls received in 2009. RAC Measurement and Insight, Feb 2010.

RAC patrol vehicles are constantly updated with leading edge technology and have a track record of innovation:
·        Rapid deployment trailer - first to market
·        RAC Scan - first to market
·        Roadside browser - first to market

RAC patrols fix 4 out of 5 cars at the roadside - for our individual members - you're also covered for flat batteries, punctured tyres and running out of petrol.

Competitive Prices.

Accident care - friendly, RAC-approved solicitors and personal injury claims experts.
Full service depends on whether in the RAC's judgement the accident was fault or non-fault. Charges may apply for services the RAC arrange on your behalf.

Competitive offers and discounts for RAC members.

Priority rescue for anyone in a vulnerable situation.

We've found relevant breakdown cover sites for you:

RAC AA Breakdown Cover 

Thanks for visiting our RAC Breakdown page. We hope it helped find what you were looking for.


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