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Welcome to our Car Breakdown Cover page at Best Breakdown Cover.

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Should you get car breakdown cover?

For most people, the answer is yes. You will feel more relaxed when driving if you know that should you breakdown, then help will only be a phone call away.

The complexity of modern cars means a real specialist is needed, and that's what a breakdown organisation can provide.

A breakdown recovery company can supply a trained mechanic with a fully equipped van, meaning they have a good chance of fixing your vehicle by the roadside.

If you have cover, then you will lose as little time as possible in the unfortunate event that your car should develop a problem.

What types of policy are available?

There are a lot of car breakdown cover policies available, so you need to think carefully about how much cover you need, and always read the terms and conditions carefully so you know what's included. Broadly speaking, these are the options available:

- Basic roadside assistance. The recovery organisation will attend your vehicle, and will give you a tow to a nearby garage if it can't be fixed. Note that this basic policy will not cover breakdowns at home.

- Home Start. Includes cover for when your car won't start at home.

- Relay Cover. This type of policy will allow you to continue your hourney. Either your car and passengers will be taken on to your destination, or you can claim for car hire or other forms of transport.

- European Breakdown Cover. Provides cover for when you are travelling in Europe.

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